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Marketing Family Connections in your Neighbourhood - Joy Sprague and Elizabeth Rose May 2016

Nuts and Bolts, and FC/TLC Start-up - Kim Illowit, Matt and Ann Costello December 2015

Top 10 Rewards and Challenges of Leading FC - Ann and Matt Costello

Module 6 Notes - Alan Fruzzetti February 2015

Suicide Plan and Prevention - August 2015, Alan Fruzzetti
Accompanying Notes: Suicide Plan and Prevention

Suicide Information - Silvia Gillotti (Office of Mental Health, Brooklyn, NY 2015)

Bio-Social Theory - Seth Axelrod January 2017

Levels of Grief - Jackie Mashore, Beth McGrave January 2016
Accompanying Notes: Family Connections Stages of Emotional Responses
Accompanying Notes: Steps for Validation of Heavy Emotions in the Family Connections Class
Accompanying Notes: Grief Resources

Reaching Spouses, Significant Others and Co-parents in Family Connections - Colin Walker May 2017

Irreverence & Other Communication Strategies for Difficult Moments - Marie-Paule de Valdivia, Alan Fruzzetti February 2016

Observing Limits - Cheryl Kempinsky, Donna Shield April 2016
Accompanying Notes: Observing Limits Powerpoint Presentation
Accompanying Notes: Observing Limits Powerpoint Presentation pdf

Mindfulness - Alan Fruzzetti December 2016

Grief and Grieving - Beth McCrave December 2016

Validation, Primary Emotions and Radical Acceptance with Ann and Matt Costello September 2017

Mindfulness with Alan Fruzzetti October 1 2017